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Not a Mycall customer today? No worries! We have offers that suits every need. When your order is registered, you can use Partpay to buy a new phone!

Partpay - it's this simple:

Find the phone you want in our webshop.

Pay for the phone in full now, or choose Partpay over 12, 24 or 36 months.

The phone will be posted to you. Partpay will be invoice separately.

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Questions and answers about Partpay

For Mycall customers the total price is the same as paying for the phone up front. You only pay for the phone, and with no interest or fees added.

Partpay is for Mycall customers that are over 18 years old, have a Norwegian social security number and an approved credit check.

On My Pages you'll get a complete overview over your Partpay purchase, as well as on your invoice. And remember, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Telia Finance is our partner on Partpay, and as such the invoice is marked with Telia Finance. The first invoice will come in the mail, but you have the option to set up eFaktura in your online banking service. If you prefer, you can also choose to get the invoice e-mailed to you.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to postpone the invoice. What you don't pay will be charged next month with an extra fee of 70 NOK. In other words, paying on time is the cheapest option.

Log in to your Telia Finance account via My Pages and add your email address there. We'll send you e-mail with a confirmation link you need to click on.

The invoice will show the minimum you need to pay each month. If you want, you can increase this sum to pay your phone down faster.

Absolutely! After you have made your first payment in your online banking service, you'll get an offer to set future payments up via eFaktura.

You can change your address in My Pages.

  • Check that the phone has been received by Mycall.
  • If not, the invoice needs to be paid as usual. If you fail to do this, added fees will be added.
  • If the parcel is lost, or you need assistance, please contact our customer service.

Are you registered with the same name in your bank as you have in the peoples register?
If not, you won't be able to order, due to security reasons.

Yes, you can! When ordering you can choose where you want the parcel delivered. The most important part is that you are the one receiving the parcel. Remember to bring valid ID!

No, you will have to pick up the parcel yourself.